April Showers Brings May Flowers

April Showers Brings May Flowers
April Showers Brings May Flowers

The ole saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers”!

But I say, let’s not rush, there’s so much to enjoy and celebrate throughout the month of April in Hochatown! 

April Showers Brings May FlowersHochatown beckons with a unique blend of natural beauty and small-town charm, offering the perfect escape for families, couples, and adventurers alike.

April bursts with reasons to create lasting memories in Hochatown, and our cozy cabin provides the ideal home base for your explorations.

Did you know April 4th is Geologists’ Day?

April Flowers Bring May Flowers

Transform your Hochatown getaway into an exciting geological expedition! Our cabin provides the perfect launchpad for your explorations.

According to Dictionary.com the definition of geology is, “the science that deals with the dynamics and physical history of the earth, the rocks of which it is composed…” Can you imagine all the fun exploring you could have in Hochatown on this day!

Gather a few supplies for your guests at the cabin and go wandering for rocks, fossils, and even a stream.

Call yourselves, Geologist!

Grab your trusty backpack and embark on a quest to uncover the geological wonders hidden within the majestic Ouachita Mountains surrounding Hochatown.

Taking a small shovel, a pick hammer and a bucket would keep everyone entertained for hours! Everyone can easily find quartz rocks laying on top of the ground. Examining for crevices to tap open and discovering crystal formations would be hitting the geology jackpot!

Utilizing the stream to clean your fossil finds.. Imagine the satisfaction of holding a gleaming fossil in your hand, its details brought to life by the crystal-clear water. A whole day just to hunt the beautiful geology of the area would leave you appreciating the land even more than you already do!

If you need an excuse to get the whole family together?

April Showers Bring May Flowers

National Siblings Day is also in the month of April!

My brother and I were 4 years apart. When we were kids my parents made us wash dishes after dinner every night. I was definitely old enough to wash dishes and he was old enough to rinse. I hated washing dishes however, never enjoyed it at all. So we would of course fight over who was going to wash and who was going to rinse. If I had to end up washing the dishes, somehow I ALWAYS had to go to the bathroom in the middle of washing. He would finally get so tired of waiting on me that he would go ahead and finish washing them. I was a horrible sister!

You were probably a better sibling and remember when you and your siblings would play hide and go seek outside together in the warm evenings. Catching fireflies after dark and putting them in an old Mason Jar. Begging to stay outside for just 5 more minutes after the porch light came on, so you could use every ounce of daylight.

If those were the “good ole day’s” then you need to get everyone together to make new memories as siblings!

Whether you are looking for gems hidden in the Ouachita Mountains. Being mindful and capturing the memories that will be forever treasured while at Hochatown, celebrate always in April!

Hochatown adventure extends far beyond these specific days in April. Our cabin is your gateway to a multitude of experiences, from exploring local art studios and indulging in the town’s vibrant live music scene to stargazing under the unpolluted night sky and savoring delicious meals at cozy cafes.

Book Your Unforgettable Escape:

Let Hochatown and our cabin be the canvas for your unforgettable memories. Book your stay today and start planning your adventure – geological discoveries, sibling bonding, or whatever adventure awaits!


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