Things To Do On A Snow Day

Things To Do On A Snow Day! Saddle Up and See What the Kids do!

November and December have pasted and all the holiday’s are over.

You are smack dab in the middle of winter and it’s a long January!

It gets dark early in the evenings, the kids are board being in the house so much and in their words, “there is nothing to do”!

The temperatures are cold, the activities are limited in the winter months outside because of the cold weather.

What would be a dream day for the kids in the winter?

You guessed it, a snow day!

Things To Do On A Snow Day

Now you may think that just because it snows doesn’t mean it is a snow day! But if you live in south central Oklahoma everything closes and shuts down! We Oklahoman’s don’t know what to do with snow, haha!

So, yes, it is a snow day for the kids!

They are so excited to wake up and see the snow outside. They can’t wait to go outside and play in it. However, in Oklahoma most likely, there won’t be enough snow to build a snowman with. They will probably gather enough snow to maybe make a snowball, but they won’t have enough snow to have a full fledged snowball fight. And if we do get enough snow to go sledding, you better hurry up and get it done, because the next day it most likely will already be melted and gone. But for this one day, they will have so much fun that they will forget all about the cold weather.

Snow days are a special kind of day for my kids that are home and in school.

It’s a day when they can relax and have fun without having to worry about school. The first sign of the possibility of snow the school will usually go ahead and cancel school. They don’t want to have the buses out on the snow packed roads, it would be too risky for the drivers and kids riding the bus. I get their concern. So we usually know the night before if they are going to cancel school or not. If they know the night before, it’s fun because we can stay up late and then sleep late the next morning. But if we have to get up in the morning to find out, then they love that too because then they can go back to bed!

Snow days are just as fun for me as a parent also! It’s like I can think of the best breakfast to fix on a snow day! I have all these wonderful ideas of what stew to make for our day at home! I find the most comfortable warm cloths to wear and just put my hair up in a pony tail for the day!

Starting a fire is mandatory and fixing hot cocoa is a must as well on the kids snow day! Oh and I guess it’s a day to enjoy some extra time with the kids too.

Also, when you don’t get snow but one time a year, when they are ready to go sledding, building snowmen and having snowball fights you have to go find all the winter cloths. They require coveralls, gloves and sock hats for their ears and heads. After I gather up all those supplies I am usually too tired to help them build snowmen or to have a snowball fight. Because I also know, they will be back in the house shortly and I’ll have to dry all the wet coveralls, gloves and sock hats that they wore for the snow day! So i just let them enjoy the snow! Snow days are a great way to create memories that will last a lifetime.

On this snow day, Tuker, my son and his little sister decided they were going to do something productive after they played in the snow. They were going to clean Tuker’s saddle.

Things To Do On A Snow Day

The saddle is housed out in the barn but there is just lots of dirt and dust while it’s sitting there between rides. So they put it on the saddle rack and decided to clean the saddle!

First they removed any excess dirt and debris from the saddle using a soft brush and cloth before applying any cleaning products. This will help prevent scratching the leather surface.

They wanted to avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that could damage the leather. So, they stuck to mild saddle soap or leather cleaner specifically designed for equestrian gear.

Things To Do On A Snow Day

Using a damp cloth and an old paint brush to apply the saddle soap or cleaner, they worked it into a lather using circular motions. Paying extra attention to areas that come into contact with the horse’s sweat or oils, such as the girth straps and stirrup leathers.

Things To Do On A Snow Day

After they applied the saddle soap cleaner, they rinsed the saddle thoroughly with clean water to remove all soap residue.

Things To Do On A Snow Day

Next they took a break to allow the saddle to dry completely.

Now the fun part! They applied a leather conditioner to moisturize and protect the leather. (Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application and let the conditioner soak in for the recommended time.)

And then finally, buff the saddle with a soft cloth to restore its shine and luster.

Regular cleaning and conditioning will help prolong the lifespan of your horse saddle and keep it in optimal condition for riding. It’s also a great opportunity to involve kids in the care and maintenance of equestrian gear, teaching them responsibility and respect for their belongings and the importance of proper horse care. But most of all they enjoyed being home, sitting by the fire and getting their saddle ready for spring!

Things To Do On A Snow Day

The final picture of the saddle restored back to its original beauty! Now when the snowman melts, the sleds have been put up and the winter cloths have been stored away for the season. Tuker, his horse Poncho and his saddle will be ready to hit the trails, rope the calves and ride off into the sunset!

What do you do on a snow day?


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