Car Rental St John USVI

Car Rentals USVI

You have decided where to go!

You have decided when to go!

Now all that’s left are the details!

One of the most important things when traveling is being free and flexible to enjoy the island! Making a reservation for a car rental St John USVI will be one of the first things you will want to do!

St John USVI Rentals

When you book your commercial flight to St. John you will be actually flying into to St. Thomas Cyril E. King Airport.

All major airlines go to St. Thomas like American, Delta, JetBlue, Spirit and United. It is an efficient airport where you will unload off the plane and walk into the airport. It is a small airport and very easy to get around in.

The airport has a couple of car rental desks in the airport. I usually always choose a rental company that is in the airport so I can easily just get my vehicle and only load and unload my luggage one time.

The cars are located on the property at the airport. It is a small walk to the lot so be prepared for that.

We had several people in our party, so the majority of us waited at the pick up zones while my husband went and got the jeep. They have accessibility to pull right up to the loading zones at the airport to load your luggage and everyone to get in the car rental St Thomas USVI.

How to Get to St John

After you have gotten off the plane and taken car of the rental for St John USVI.

How do you get you, luggage and your rental to St John? It’s easy!

You take the car ferry!

Plug in your GPS for Red Hook Car Ferry. It will navigate you across the island of St Thomas to the car ferry barge. The car ferry barge is across St Thomas island, so enjoy the ride! You might even want to stop and eat or shop before loading the car ferry barge.

The barge leaves every hour and you may have to wait for the next ferry depending on when you get to the ferry port. Be prepared to back into the parking spot at the ferry port and then back up onto the ferry. The vehicles will be very close to each other and they will pack as many as they can, onto the ferry.

Just a Suggestion

There is of course a charge for the ferry and they will collect as the ferry is en route to St John.

They will give you two options. A round trip or a one way trip.

The round trip is cheaper to buy than the one way trip, but let me give you a suggestion when making your decision. We purchased the round trip because we were going to save and that would be the good steward thing to do.

However, they do not disclose to you that you will have to return on certain hours. So they will hand you a receipt and have written the times you are allowed to use the return voucher.

So when we were planning our return trip to St Thomas after our amazing vacation, we planned accordingly to the times to take advantage of the free ride back to St Thomas.

Unfortunately it was a different ferry barge company that was running that day at that designated time. We could have waited another hour for the barge that we could use the return trip on but then it would have been the wrong hour.

Soooooo, just pay the one way fee! You will be less aggravated on the ferry ride back to St Thomas after your amazing vacation!

Enjoy Traveling to St john USVI

As you are unloading off the ferry onto the island of St John.

Unload your worries, your cares because now you are on the beautiful island of St John.

It has amazing beaches with white sand and blue water just like you see in the pictures. The lush green landscape has a rain forest feel to it.

So go explore the island.

You are free to go wherever you want to explore! Just remember to drive on the left-hand side of the road!

EXTRAORDINARY experiences!

If I can assist you with your St John USVI get away just comment below!


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