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Did you know, National Picnic Day is in April every year?  

I don’t know if it is because it’s spring or close to Easter that they have declared that the official picnic month.  

But I say, every month you can have a picnic!  And when you have easy picnic menu ideas that makes it even better!

Make it Special!

If you’re looking to do something extra special and create an unforgettable memory for your picnic day, then you’ve come to the right place! 

What to Do!

There are a ton of activities you can do when planning your picnic! 

Planning to fill your picnic basket for a day hike, boat ride or just sitting out by the fire pit.  

You could always order out from one of the popular restaurants or cafe close by.  That would be the easy picnic menu idea!  

Just order everyone’s favorite, grab some bottled water and find a picnic table!

Plan Ahead!

Making a basket full of sandwiches that you make can be a good option as well!  

A loaf of bread, some lunch meat and a bag of chips is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone!  

Load everyone up and head out to one of the many hiking trails that would beg your appetite for a sandwich anywhere along the trail.  

Staying Close to Home!

Don’t want to leave your backyard?

So just make a picnic and create some memories while sitting around the fire pit or out on the back deck in your backyard.   

What are your plans for your picnic day? 

The temperature is perfect and forecasts are predicting clear blue skies. 

That means that it’s time to pack your bags, grab a basket filled with your favorite treats, and head out to your favorite picnic spot.   

Spend some quality time in the great outdoors being together and making memories! 

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