Celebrate Spring In Hochatown

We are almost there! We have almost gotten through winter! We are so close to spring and I can’t wait till it gets here!
It’s like the grass is begging to turn green and the flowers are just preparing themselves to pop out of the ground and bloom. The spring rains will be coming resulting in creeks filling up and creating some beautiful waterfalls in the area.

So bring the whole family to Hochatown to celebrate spring!

Mapping out where some of those creeks and waterfalls are and taking the family on a hike to see them would be one way to see spring in a beautiful way. Since there is not many weeds and high grass yet, you can see the underlying rocks and tracks in the dirt. Let the kids follow the rabbit or deer tracks up a trail, or pick up some colorful rocks along the way. If you could make it into a game, picking up any trash as you hike to one of the waterfalls could even be an adventure!

No spring would be complete without March Madness! Rent a cabin and gather all your fans together for a March Madness weekend!! Have everyone fill out their March Madness brackets and have some small prizes for different wins throughout the weekend. A prize for who didn’t pick a single game correctly for the day, a prize for the closest score or a prize for who wore the best fan club merchandise. Snack all day long, order out from your favorite local restaurant or break out those steaks you have been saving in the freezer all winter! Cheer on your favorite team in Hochatown!

March is my birthday month and one of my favorite memories when I was a kid was having all my family over for my birthday! Both sides of my grandparents, my aunts, uncles and cousins would all come over for homemade cake, that I would have chosen the flavor of. Some store bought ice cream that we would put on the side of the piece of cake. We would light the small little colorful candles, you know the ones, that drip wax onto the cake and then everyone would sing Happy Birthday! Even if you are not celebrating a birthday, just get together! Make a homemade cake, buy some store bought ice cream and sit around the cabin and celebrate being family!


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