Inexpensive Wedding Decorations

Inexpensive Wedding Decorations for a Budget

Weddings are magical! As a little girl you may dream of your wedding day! Playing dress up and pretend to walk down the isle! Sometimes even wearing your mother’s wedding dress, if she still held on to it! It’s just so sweet! Putting a towel on your head to make it look like a veil.… Continue reading Inexpensive Wedding Decorations

Thanksgiving Checklist

Thanksgiving Guide and Checklist

Who Needs a Thanksgiving Checklist? Me!!!! I love a good checklist and anything I can do in advance makes all the difference in how the day will go! Halloween is over and the next season is one of my favorites of all! It’s The Season Of Being Thankful! Thankful for friends and family being together… Continue reading Thanksgiving Checklist

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The Power Of Day 1

Make a plan and get organized!

The Power of Day 1 What Do I mean By The Power of Day 1? I titled this document day one, however it’s really not a day one of anything, except for me cleaning. That’s basically all day one is, I have a plan, I made a list and I started to do it. Day… Continue reading The Power Of Day 1

7 Easy Fall Decorations

A vase of fall limbs and leaves.

Looking for some easy fall decorations that is not complicated? Here are 7 Easy ways you can add fall to your decor! Let’s get started!! 1. Fall Dishes. This part might be the hardest part of decorating for fall. Getting the coffee made! Grab that fall coffee mug that has gotten pushed to the back… Continue reading 7 Easy Fall Decorations

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Simple Wedding Decor

Wedding Decor DIY

Looking for a way to decorate for a wedding? Here are some simple and easy to find materials. Is there anything better than a wedding? It’s a new start! A new beginning! Two people deciding that they will be better together than apart! I remember when I got married…. after we had decorated the entire… Continue reading Simple Wedding Decor


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