4 Things To Do On A Bus Ride

4 things to do on a bus ride

4 Things to do on a bus ride!

Here is a list of things to do on a bus ride!

1. Do some Oklahoma Trivia

What city was the first capital of Oklahoma?

Answer: Guthrie

What is Oklahoma’s largest city?

Answer: OKC

What year did Oklahoma achieve statehood?

Answer: 1907

When was the dome added to the state capital building?

Answer: 2002

How many states border Oklahoma?

Answer: 6 Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arkansas and Missouri

What is Oklahoma’s state animal?

Answer: American Buffalo

The city of Stillwater had the controlling vote in getting Oklahoma organized when it first became a state. Instead of choosing to have the capital, what did Stillwater give itself?

Answer: A land grant university OSU

What is Oklahoma’s state grass?

Answer: Indian Grass

What is the state reptile?

Answer: Mountain Boomer Lizard

More _______________ is planted in Oklahoma than any other crop?

Answer: Wheat

What is the state wildflower?

Answer: Indian Blanket

What’s Oklahoma’s nickname?

Answer: Sooner State

What is the state country and western song?

Answer: Faded Love written by Bob and John Willis adopted by the legislature in 1988

What is Oklahoma’s largest lake?

Answer: Lake Eufaula

What is the name of the largest newspaper in Oklahoma?

Answer:The Daily Oklahoman

What’s is Oklahoma’s longest river?

Answer: North Canadian River

How many state parks are in Oklahoma?

Answer: 52

Ron Howard was born in which Oklahoma town?

Answer: Duncan

What Oklahoma baseball coach was inducted into the Oklahoma Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame in 2012?

Answer: Bobby John’s

I would give a prize out to anyone that got the most answers or at least answered one question!

2. Name some Oklahoma Landmarks you visited when you were a kid or young adult?

This will make your audience to think back and bring up some fond memories and will probably leave for some interesting stories! Some landmarks that they can name may not even exist any longer but that will even some additional questions you could ask as they tell about Landmarks!

3. Name some first modes of transportation you remember as a kid?

They may have stories of riding trains, planes or automobiles! Some may have ridden in a covered wagon or horse and carriage. Some have maybe ridden a bus across the country or a bike across the state! Letting them tell their first mode of transportation will remind them possibly of a simpler life and they may have some advice giving.

4. What was your favorite subject in school?

Reading, writing or arithmetic what was their favorite subject? You could also add, who was your favorite teacher and what grade where you in? This will make the passengers smile reminiscing about the good ole days!

These are just a few ideas of how to keep your passengers engaged throughout the bus ride. People love to tell stories about their childhood or when they were young adults! And if you listen closely you will learn so much about your riders!

Enjoy the Ride!


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